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Healthy Kid’s Lunches

I was supposed to blog about my kid’s lunches this week.  And quite frankly I would have preferred that to the chick drama that sashayed itself into my life this week.  But I was overruled.

So here I am… late… as usual. Obviously you will notice a lack of actual lunch in this photo.  But this is what I compiled my children’s lunches from.  All of it relatively healthy.  The Hillshire Farms deli selects are something I found when I started Weight Watchers a few years ago and needed to find a lower “points” sandwich.  Five slices of either ham, smoked turkey or roasted turkey are a portion for only 60 calories total.

So normally lunches for my kids include a main dish (sandwiches this week; and always on whole wheat bread), a dairy item Yogurt and/or cheese cubes, a snack (pretzels this week) and a drink.  note:  I only give my 8 & 5 yr olds half sandwiches.  The reason is a whole sandwich is too much in a school lunch hour (which isn’t an hour) and it’s too much for their little tummies).

I always have them bring a water bottle to school, but in their lunches I try to send milk.  Ahh the great flavored milk debate…  So here’s my opinion.  I don’t mind chocolate milk – ONCE IN A WHILE.  Everyday doesn’t cut it with me.  So my kids suffer through only getting chocolate milk a few times a week.  Strawberry milk looks too toxic for me, soooo… no.

Two things missing from this photo are a sweet and a fruit.  I try to stick a small treat in a few times a week and an apple/banana/berries or melon.  

One of these Dove dark chocolates is what went into lunches a few times this week.

I shall endeavor to expand my healthy repertoire!  To do this I will head to my favorite blogs!  The best places  to start are and  For my 5 year old, I think I’m going to try some ideas from

If you need more ideas check out my blogroll.