Healthy Kid’s Lunches

I was supposed to blog about my kid’s lunches this week.  And quite frankly I would have preferred that to the chick drama that sashayed itself into my life this week.  But I was overruled.

So here I am… late… as usual. Obviously you will notice a lack of actual lunch in this photo.  But this is what I compiled my children’s lunches from.  All of it relatively healthy.  The Hillshire Farms deli selects are something I found when I started Weight Watchers a few years ago and needed to find a lower “points” sandwich.  Five slices of either ham, smoked turkey or roasted turkey are a portion for only 60 calories total.

So normally lunches for my kids include a main dish (sandwiches this week; and always on whole wheat bread), a dairy item Yogurt and/or cheese cubes, a snack (pretzels this week) and a drink.  note:  I only give my 8 & 5 yr olds half sandwiches.  The reason is a whole sandwich is too much in a school lunch hour (which isn’t an hour) and it’s too much for their little tummies).

I always have them bring a water bottle to school, but in their lunches I try to send milk.  Ahh the great flavored milk debate…  So here’s my opinion.  I don’t mind chocolate milk – ONCE IN A WHILE.  Everyday doesn’t cut it with me.  So my kids suffer through only getting chocolate milk a few times a week.  Strawberry milk looks too toxic for me, soooo… no.

Two things missing from this photo are a sweet and a fruit.  I try to stick a small treat in a few times a week and an apple/banana/berries or melon.  

One of these Dove dark chocolates is what went into lunches a few times this week.

I shall endeavor to expand my healthy repertoire!  To do this I will head to my favorite blogs!  The best places  to start are and  For my 5 year old, I think I’m going to try some ideas from

If you need more ideas check out my blogroll.


One response to “Healthy Kid’s Lunches

  1. It’s nice that your kids will let you pack their lunch. My boys are too old now, my youngest has me pack his lunch one day a week.
    Looks like you have some great choices!
    Thanks for sharing!

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