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Chicken Tortilla Soup (from El Pollo Loco leftovers)

garnished with sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips and salsa fresca

garnished with sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips and salsa fresca

I make this soup the day after we have El Pollo Loco for dinner.  Dinner would usually include a 10 piece grilled chicken, torillas, lg side of rice and refried beans.  I will also get a LOT of pico de gallo, chopped white onions and cilantro; all from the salsa bar.  (The beans are usually gone by the end of  dinner.)

My kids (and husband) do not like to eat chicken on the bone. So I start by picking the chicken off the bone and piling it onto one plate for dinner and saving the leftover chicken and rice for the soup.  I will save the bones in a bag in the refrigerator.

The first step is to make a broth. For this you’ll need:

●       Bones from El Pollo Loco chicken**
●       1 celery stalk, cleaned & halved
●       1 carrot, cleaned & halved
●        Chopped white onions from the salsa bar (¼c-½c)
●       ½ to 1 C of Pico de Gallo***(from the salsa bar) or salsa fresca
●       Cilantro
●       Water to cover (until just covered)

Place all items in stockpot. Simmer. Taste after one hour. Season. Strain into second pot (or bowl then back into empty pot).

For soup ready to serve:

●       ± 1C Frozen corn (or fresh grilled corn removed from cob)
●       1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
●       El Pollo Loco Chicken picked and shredded
●       El Pollo Loco Rice

Add to pot simmer until warmed through.
To garnish at the table:

●       Pico de Gallo (or Salsa Fresca)
●       Sour cream
●       Tortilla chips (crush into bowl)
●       Shredded cheddar (or crumbled Queso fresco)

**1st note: I have made this soup with Rotisserie chicken, El Pollo Loco chicken and chicken made at home; I will tell you honestly it ALWAYS comes out best when I use El Pollo Loco chicken.

***2nd note: Be aware of the amount of spice in Pico de gallo. If pico is spicy your soup will be spicy. If you don’t like spicy try a mild salsa fresco (or salsa Mexicana) from the store.